Top 10 Business Ideas In Delhi with Low Investment  



Top 10 Business Ideas In Delhi with Low Investment  

Business Ideas In Delhi

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Have you been looking for fresh and original business ideas in Delhi? There is a good chance you have many questions if you respond yes. Would it be a good idea to launch a company in Delhi? Which parts of Delhi are witnessing the most rapid growth, and where can one find them? Will my business be successful at this location? What kind of reaction will it get? How can I be more appealing to customers? In addition to that, there is a critical issue that needs to be asked: “Which business should I start?”

It is expected that you will feel anxious when beginning something new, but you should understand that, with the right strategy and execution, even a small firm may prosper. If entrepreneurs from all over the nation want to make Delhi their hub, this article will review some of Delhi’s most excellent low-investment business ideas.

About Delhi

Delhi ranks 13th in India’s states and union territories. For 2022–2023, the NCT of Delhi was projected to have a nominal GSDP of 10.83 lakh crore (US$140 billion), which translates to an annual growth rate of 8.1% (Source). Delhi, India’s capital, has recently become an entrepreneurial hub. Entrepreneurs are drawn to the city’s strong economy and large consumer base.

Launching a business in Delhi can be very rewarding and profitable with the right idea and strategy. This essay will examine some unique Delhi business concepts in 2024. From organic food stores to fitness facilities, pet care services, and more, we’ll offer advice to help you succeed in Delhi.

Delhi has a diverse economy, with modern businesses like information technology, finance, and telecommunications coexisting alongside traditional industries like textiles, handicrafts, and leather goods. Delhi boasts a thriving startup scene with many successful companies in many areas.

At current prices, the state’s nominal GDP is anticipated to reach 1,043,759 crores in 2022–2023, a 15.38% rise over the previous year. These figures show that Delhi is the ideal location for any business startup. 

How to start a business in Delhi?

The energetic Indian capital of Delhi provides budding business owners with many options. This city is the perfect starting point for your business endeavor because of its strong economy, advantageous location, and sizable consumer base. However, it can be not very safe to deal with the challenges involved in launching a business. Don’t worry; this book will give you insightful advice and valuable pointers to help you launch your business in Delhi.

Determine Your Specialisation and Carry Out Market Study

Before starting any business venture, it is essential to choose a niche that fits your experience, enthusiasm, and Delhi’s market demand. Conduct in-depth market research to comprehend consumer preferences, upcoming trends, and the competitive landscape. This will assist you in developing your business concept and creating a solid business strategy.

Investigate Profitable Business Concepts in Delhi

Delhi’s diverse economy offers numerous business prospects in a wide range of industries. Consider the city’s thriving technology, education, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. As an alternative, you may look into specialty marketplaces that appeal to the city’s wealthy residents, such as those for organic food, sustainable goods, or specialized services.

Obtain the Licences and Registrations You Need

Navigating the legal and regulatory environment is essential for any firm in Delhi. Ensure you acquire the licenses, permissions, and registrations required by your sector. This can include getting trade licenses, adhering to local zoning laws, and registering your company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Establish Robust Networks and Look for Mentorship

The secret to success in any business venture is networking. Join pertinent associations, attend industry events, and connect with other Delhi-based business owners. Developing a solid network can lead to beneficial alliances, mentoring opportunities, and future joint ventures.

Take Advantage of Digital Transformation and Technology

Utilizing technology to obtain a competitive advantage is essential in the current digital world. To engage with your target audience, invest in reliable digital platforms, adopt e-commerce solutions, and use social media. To improve client experiences and streamline operations, investigate cutting-edge technologies like automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Top 10  Business Ideas In Delhi to Start Today

1. Grocery Store With Delivery Services

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Grocery stores are gradually starting to deliver groceries to homes. People are used to having deliveries made to their houses. There are other target audiences besides households. Grocery store owners can gradually expand their company to include fast-food and restaurant establishments.

If the entrepreneurs don’t own their own property, opening such a store will require renting commercial space at a convenient location. To attract more clients, it is best for this kind of business to be situated in a market area. The secret to being successful in this industry is keeping inventories under control and customizing services to meet clients’ needs.

Range of Investment: ₹50000 to ₹150000

Set-Up Needs

  • Finish the Delivery Registration Process: Verify that your company is registered and abides by the delivery laws in your area.
  • Acquire an FSSAI Licence: Obtain the required license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to guarantee that your company complies with food safety regulations.
  • Rent a Space: If necessary, arrange to rent a space in a well-located area easily accessible for customer visits and delivery operations.
  • Employ Trustworthy Personnel: Hire dependable and effective employees to oversee operations, such as delivery drivers, inventory controllers, and customer support agents.
  • Put a Marketing Strategy into Practice: To draw in and retain consumers, create and implement a thorough marketing strategy. This can include online advertising, social media interaction, regional marketing, and joint ventures with other companies.


  • Growing Market: The grocery delivery business is increasing due to shifting consumer preferences and a greater emphasis on convenience.
  • Ease of Start-Up: This business is simple to start up, requiring only a small initial expenditure and simple operational requirements.

Market Possibilities

  • Growth of the Offline Grocery Sector: The fourth quarter of 2022 saw a 20% growth in the offline grocery business sector, showing high demand.
  • Online Delivery Boom: The online delivery industry has experienced a huge increase due to post-pandemic awareness and the transition from offline to online shopping. From 2021 to 2028, this industry is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.1%, indicating a strong and steady rise in the market.

Margin of Profit: 5% to 20%

2. Room Rental Services

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Delhi is home to a sizable immigrant population that comes here for employment and education. Rentable apartments and paying visitors are in high demand due to the growing migrant population. For those who are prepared to launch a low-budget business in Delhi and have adequate empty places in their homes, it may therefore be a viable option.

Investing between ₹50000 and ₹1 lakh

Set-Up Needs

  • Finish the procedure of registering your firm.
  • Acquire the trading license.
  • Employ assistance for upkeep.
  • Purchase cleaning supplies and make plans for WiFi and power.


  • No more financial outlay is required.
  • provides a range of tax advantages
  • It is a consistent revenue stream with market potential.

Market Possibilities

  • According to sources, there was a 29% increase in demand for residential rental homes in the preceding year. In addition, individuals are moving to rented residential units due to the rising costs of land and real estate in Tier 1 metro areas.

Margin of Profit: 20% to 30%

3. Organic Food Supply Business

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Organic food suppliers thrive in Delhi, a busy metropolis, due to rising demand for chemical-free products and health awareness. Organic fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other agricultural products are in demand as the capital city adopts a more sustainable lifestyle.

Delhi’s wealthy and diverse clientele values quality over quantity. Because this group is willing to pay extra for organic produce, enterprises serving this niche market should expect steady business. The city’s proximity to agricultural areas makes it a wonderful site to buy locally grown, fresh organic food, saving money on shipping and ensuring freshness.

Delhi-based organic food sellers can use Internet marketplaces, specialty stores, and farmers’ markets. By working closely with certified organic farmers and maintaining high-quality standards, businesses may build loyal customers and a trustworthy brand.

Investment: ₹1 -3 lakhs

Set-Up Needs

  • Get legal certifications
  • Choose a spot
  • Negotiate with the producer.
  • Choose an appropriate crop
  • Use a good marketing plan
  • Hiring reliable workers offers benefits.


  • High demand in India and worldwide
  • Environmentally friendly Market potential

Market Possibilities

  • Indian agro-economy hopes to grow through organic farming. Due to understanding of dangerous farming chemicals, more individuals are switching to organic products. This expanding sector is anticipated to grow 23.8% during 2023-2028.

Profit margin: 30%–50%

4. Coaching Centre

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Entrepreneurs seeking success might find many options in Delhi, India’s capital. Starting a tutoring center in Delhi is a potential business concept. The city’s rising population and emphasis on education are driving demand for professional coaching services.

Academic competition and the desire for pupils to thrive in diverse fields have driven the need for specialist coaching. For a competitive edge, parents and kids are eager to invest in extra education. This fosters tutoring centers in Delhi just like Sanskriti IAS Coaching.

Running a tutoring center in Delhi has many benefits. The city’s diversified population ensures a continual flow of students from all origins and academic levels. Second, coaching facilities benefit from Delhi’s reputation as an educational powerhouse, which draws smart and experienced tutors.

Investment: ₹60000-1 lakh

Set-Up Needs

  • Location rental
  • Purchase study materials
  • Benefits of hiring trained personnel


  • The number of Govt job aspirants rises annually.
  • The business can be run hybridly with low investment.
  • Market Potential

Market Possibilities

  • The govt service market in Delhi has grown significantly and is now worth an estimated ₹ 58088 crores. The coaching industry has huge potential in India, which boasts the world’s largest youth population (5-24 years old).

Profit Margin: 10-30%

5. Street Food Corner

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Street food corners are great business ideas for foodies in Delhi. This busy city attracts locals and tourists with its thriving street food culture. You can build a loyal customer base with the appropriate location and tasty cuisine. Your street food corner can provide chaat, golgappas, kebabs, and jalebis.

Increase foot traffic and revenue by opening in a bustling market or near tourist attractions. By serving economical, high-quality meals in a casual outdoor setting, you can attract hungry clients looking for authentic cuisines on the go. Roll up your sleeves, sharpen your cooking talents, and prepare to offer delicious food at your own Delhi Street Food Corner!

Investment Range: ₹50,000-₹1 lakh

Set-Up Needs

  • Complete Company Registration: Register your firm and comply with local laws.
  • Get an FSSAI license: Get an FSSAI license to meet food safety regulations.
  • Rent a Good site: Choose a high-traffic site near markets, offices, or schools.
  • Purchase Raw Materials: Get high-quality ingredients for your dishes.
  • Machinery for Cutting: Purchase essential kitchen equipment to cook and serve food efficiently.
  • Hiring Dependable Staff: A few reliable and skilled staff members can handle cooking, serving, and customer service.


  • A well-placed street food corner attracts a wide client base, especially in busy locations.
  • The startup expenditures are modest, making it an accessible enterprise.
  • Minimum Staff: A small staff can run the business efficiently, minimizing personnel expenditures.

Market Possibilities

  • Food Service Industry: India’s food service industry is expected to reach USD 79.65 billion by 2028, expanding 11.19% annually. This development is fueled by rising dining-out spending and the popularity of diverse and affordable meals.

Profit Margin: About 50%

6. Purified Water Delivery

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Purified water delivery services in Delhi provide delightful hydration. With more health-conscious consumers, pure drinking water is in demand. Purified water delivery companies have taken advantage of this to bring quality drinking water to your door. They offer subscriptions or one-time supplies to meet different demands. Advanced filtration and quality control ensure that your water is clean. Why drink iffy tap water when you can get purified water delivered in Delhi? Stay hydrated and healthy with a few clicks or calls!

Investment Range: ₹8-10 Lakhs

Set-Up Needs

  • Service Registration: Register your business and comply with local laws.
  • Get a Trading License: Get a trading license to operate legally.
  • Purchase Water Purifiers: Purchase high-quality water purifying appliances to ensure pure drinking water.
  • Purchase Quality Containers: Buy clean, durable containers for cleansed water.
  • Employ Efficient Staff: Production, packaging, delivery, and customer support require competent and trustworthy workers.
  • Develop a Marketing Plan: Create a complete marketing plan to attract clients and promote your business. Examples include online advertising, social media, local business collaborations, and community outreach.


  • Demand for cleansed and sanitary water ensures a fast ROI.
  • High-Profit Margin: High demand and low production costs boost the profit margin.

Market Possibilities

  • The bottled drinking water industry in India has huge potential:
  • By 2023, the packaged drinking water market in India is expected to reach ₹403.06 billion in value.
  • Stable Market Growth: From 2023 to 2027, the market is estimated to rise 5.8%.
  • Rising Demand: Pollution and waterborne diseases increase demand for clean and filtered drinking water, ensuring sector growth.

Profit Margin: 50-60%

7. Freelancing

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Freelancing lets you work on projects you love and be your own boss. Delhi is full of freelancing opportunities for graphic designers, content writers, social media managers, and others. Digital technology makes finding freelance gigs online or in city networking events easier than ever. 

As a major business hub, Delhi has many clients looking for skilled freelancers to help them with their projects. If you have marketable expertise, why not attempt freelancing? It could be the perfect approach to transform your passion into a successful Delhi business!

Investment Range: ₹40000-1 Lakhs

Set-Up Needs

  • Complete the Service Registration Process: Register your freelance business as a lone proprietor or small company to comply with local laws.
  • Buy Quality Tools and Software: High-performance computers, professional software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD), reliable internet, and backup storage are needed for your field.
  • Establish Online Presence: Website: Display your portfolio, services, and testimonials on a professional website. Freelance platforms: Create profiles on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or industry-specific networks. Social media: Network and promote your services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Build a Strong Portfolio: Showcase your expertise and attract clients with a portfolio.
  • Implement a Marketing Strategy: Create and implement a marketing plan


  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere and set your own schedule.
  • Equipment and marketing are the main investments, with low overhead.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Work with different customers and projects to improve your skills and career.
  • With the correct talents and marketing, you may charge premium rates and make a lot of money.

Market Possibilities

  • The global gig economy is growing as firms use freelancers for a variety of jobs.
  • Remote Work Trend: Freelancers have more opportunities as remote work grows.
  • Skilled Professionals: Freelance skills are in high demand in digital marketing, web development, graphic design, writing, and consulting.

Profit Margin: Depending on the field and rates, ranges from 50% to 80% or higher.

8. Beauty and Wellness Services

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Delhi’s population’s increased need for self-care and personal grooming is driving growth in the beauty and wellness industry. For self-care, there are luxury spas and modern salons offering facials, massages, waxing, hair styling, manicures, and pedicures. 

Many establishments offer acupuncture, Ayurvedic remedies, yoga sessions, and nutritional counseling to promote holistic wellness. Delhi’s beauty and wellness business adapts to new trends and technologies to fulfill customers’ different wants. Many professionals can help you relax, refresh, or improve your natural beauty.

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Set-Up Needs

  • Rent a Good Spot: Find an accessible, visible, and beauty and wellness-friendly venue.
  • Renovation and Furnishing: Invest in interior design, furniture, and fixtures to make clients feel at home.
  • Buy Quality Products and Equipment: Salon chairs, beauty beds, hairdryers, and high-quality beauty items are necessary.
  • Employ Experts: Hire certified beauty, hair, and wellness professionals.
  • Develop a Marketing Plan: Create and implement a thorough marketing plan to retain customers. Online advertising, social networking, promotions, and loyalty programs are examples.


  • High Demand: Self-care and wellness services are becoming more popular, driving the beauty and wellness business.
  • Repeat Customers: Happy customers return for services, generating continuous revenue.
  • Diverse Services: Ability to provide hair care, skin care, spa treatments, and wellness consulting to meet customer needs.
  • Helping customers look and feel their best may be satisfying.

Market Possibilities

  • The Indian beauty and wellness sector is growing significantly due to rising disposable incomes and personal grooming and wellness.
  • Broad Customer Base: The market serves women, men, and young adults.
  • Rise in Health Consciousness: As health consciousness rises, more people are seeking professional assistance to improve their health.

Profit Margin: 20%–60%, depending on services and pricing.

9. Digital Marketing Agency

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

Online engagement is growing rapidly, therefore businesses are always looking to expand their online presence and reach new customers. Digital marketing agencies can assist companies create effective social media, SEO, PPC, email, and other strategies. Website construction, content creation, and data analysis may help firms succeed in the digital age. Many firms operate in Delhi, therefore talented digital marketers are in demand. Why not profit from this trend and convert your digital passion into a business? 

Investment Range: ₹8-10 Lakhs

Set-Up Needs

  • Business Registration: Comply with local laws.
  • Business licenses: Get them.
  • Create a professional workstation with ergonomic furniture.
  • Buy PCs, project management software, SEO tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs), and design software (Adobe Creative Suite).
  • Establish Online Presence:
  • Website: Create a professional service presentation.
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook: Create profiles.
  • Create a portfolio: Gather case studies and work samples.
  • Market services using internet ads, content marketing, SEO, and networking.


  • High Demand: Businesses require digital marketing to boost their internet presence.
  • Scalable: Add clients and services easily.
  • Remote and flexible: Set your own hours.
  • Provide SEO, social media, PPC, content, and email marketing.

Market Possibilities

  • Growing Digital Economy: Internet use boosts digital marketing demand.
  • Client Base: Work with all sizes and businesses in all industries.

Profit Margin: 20-50%

10. Consulting Services

Business Ideas In Delhi
Business Ideas In Delhi

If you have experience in a specific area or field, you can provide consulting services to organizations or people from the comfort of your own home office. Business consulting, financial consulting, career counseling, and legal advising services are all examples of what could fall under this category.

Investment Range: ₹8-10 Lakhs

Set-Up Needs

  • Business Registration: Comply with local laws.
  • Get Proper Licenses: Get applicable business permits.
  • Establish a Professional Workspace: Rent or buy an office.
  • Obtain Essential Tools: Buy PCs, office equipment, and software.
  • Establish Online Presence: Create a professional website to display your skills and services.
  • Social media: Create LinkedIn and other accounts.
  • Strengthen Your Portfolio: Showcase client triumphs and case studies.
  • Marketing Strategy: Attract customers via internet advertising, content marketing, SEO, and networking.


  • High Demand: Many firms need expert guidance to handle problems.
  • Scalable: Add clients and consulting services easily.
  • Remote work, flexible hours.
  • Multiple Services: Strategic counsel, operational improvements, and specialized skills.

Market Possibilities

  • The consulting industry is growing as businesses seek outside expertise.
  • Wide Client Base: Work with firms of all sizes in diverse industries.

Profit margin: 30%–70%


The city of Delhi, with its thriving economy and demographically diversified population, provides an ideal environment for the establishment of new business initiatives.

In the dynamic market of Delhi, there is a niche that is just waiting to be discovered, regardless of whether you have a passion for anything from cuisine to wellness to technology to sustainability.

In order to carve out a successful path in this flourishing metropolis, aspiring entrepreneurs can carve out a successful path by identifying distinctive business ideas in Delhi that cater to the requirements and preferences of Delhiites.

Consequently, it is time to roll up your sleeves, let your imagination run wild, and be ready to embark on the thrilling path of entrepreneurship in Delhi! 


For the best of the best, we have prepared a list of business ideas that are very suitable for starting up in Delhi. All of them are mentioned and explained point by point in the above article.

A few examples of low-cost business ideas that could be launched in Delhi are drop-shipping services, online tutoring, homemade presents, and print-on-demand services.

When beginning a business in Delhi, it is necessary to consult with the appropriate authorities to acquire the necessary licenses and permits.

It is possible for businesses in Delhi to sell their services effectively through the use of social media, word-of-mouth, and through local advertising.

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