20 Best Profitable Business Ideas in Kolkata With Low Investment



20 Best Profitable Business Ideas in Kolkata With Low Investment

Business ideas in Kolkata

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For those who want to start successful businesses, Kolkata has a tonne of options. This vibrant city offers a plethora of chances for the creation of novel business ideas due to its growing population and varied clientele. The development of a wide range of industries, including technology and conventional retail and culinary businesses, is best suited for Kolkata.

Eco-friendly goods and services, e-commerce platforms that serve the local market, and specialty dining venues that draw on Kolkata’s rich culinary legacy are some of the profitable business ideas that have gained appeal in the city. To succeed in this fast-paced city, business owners can carry out in-depth market research and customize their plans to meet the particular needs of Kolkata inhabitants.

In today’s blog we will discover some of the unique profitable business ideas in Kolkata. Let’s dive in!

Economic situation in Kolkata

The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of West Bengal is projected to rise by 10.5% from 2023–2024 and reach Rs 18.8 lakh crore in 2024–2025 (at current prices). Rs 3,04,689 crore is the projected spending for 2024–25, a 13% increase over the updated estimates for 2023–24. This amount does not account for debt payments.

Why Do business in Kolkata

Increase in Foreign Investment

The enhancement of Kolkata’s economic environment has received a lot of support in recent years from outside investors. The city continuously drew foreign investment from 2018 to 2019, bringing approximately US$1.2 billion.

Financial Center

Due to its close proximity to Hong Kong and Singapore, the two main business capitals of Asia, Kolkata is already a significant financial hub with room to grow.

A McKinsey report projects that by 2030, Kolkata will rank among the most important Indian cities and serve as a global financial center.

Infrastructure with Excellent Connectivity

Kolkata is one of two locations in eastern India that has an international airport. Additionally, the city has emerged as a center for industries such as logistics and warehousing as a result of the presence of a substantial port.

List of top 20 Unique business ideas in Kolkata

1. Start An Online Store

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

These days, one of the best and wisest moves someone can make is to launch an internet business. It enhances the process of promoting your brand more successfully, focusing on the right audience, and staying relevant.

This business model’s ability to start any business and move it online—including those selling food, gadgets, and consumables—is its greatest asset.

Choose the Right Product for Your Online Store: Choosing the right product is essential to the success of any small online business that relies on specialized products. Even though it may sound cliche, your enthusiasm for the thing you are selling is the most important component in any business venture’s success.

2. Makeup Artist

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

The makeup artist industry in Kolkata is booming as more people hire professionals for special occasions. With a diversified population and active cultural scene, professional makeup artists who can adapt to numerous styles and trends are in demand. 

Building a successful makeup artistry business in Kolkata allows one to offer bridal makeup, special effects makeup, editorial assignments, and film and TV productions. A Kolkata makeup artist can create a clientele and become an industry specialist with the correct training, expertise, and marketing approach. 

3. Restaurant

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

With its varied culture and rich culinary legacy, Kolkata offers an ideal environment for budding businesspeople wishing to open restaurants. The city is seeing an influx of tourists and young professionals, which is driving up demand for creative dining options. Concepts for business ventures in Kolkata’s restaurant industry could include modern-day takeaways on Bengali food, rooftop fine dining venues with views of the famous Howrah Bridge, or fusion restaurants that blend local dishes with flavors from around the world. 

The “Mishti Doi” or treat is one of the most renowned objects in the world, and it is associated with Bengali tradition. Bengali delicacies are celebrated not only in India but also on a global scale. Furthermore, it has the potential to thrive not only in your respective state or country but also on a global scale, provided that it is conducted online. 

4. Saree Business

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

Saree retailers have consistently found Kolkata to be an exceptional location. A wide range of sarees from various regions of the country captivates women in urban areas. With respect to its historical significance, Durga Puja is one of the most advantageous seasons for saree vendors in Kolkata. One may establish a saree business and offer a diverse selection of options, such as Tussar Silks, Murshidabad Silks, Garad, and other brands.

5. Fish Dealer

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

The city is renowned for its fish markets, which are both organized and unorganized. A diverse array of aquatic organisms are traded and acquired on a daily basis in these markets. Entrepreneurs can establish themselves as local, national, or international fish merchants by integrating a comprehensive network of fish producers with robust logistical capabilities. Rohu, Koi, and Hilsa are among the most celebrated delicacies in Bengal.

6. Personal Fitness Trainer

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

A healthy and active lifestyle is now the norm for nearly everyone. There is a significant investment in the well-being and physical activity of individuals.

This is an excellent industry to enter, as individuals are perpetually seeking personal fitness trainers in Kolkata who can assist them in accomplishing their fitness objectives.

One of the most promising business concepts in Kolkata is to become a personal trainer.

7. Painting and Art Pieces

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

In this case, it is beneficial to establish a business that specializes in the retailing of paintings and art pieces. Kalighat paintings are among the most cherished art pieces in Kolkata and are among the most valuable legacies that have been established in the city since the 19th century. 

Tourists and residents alike pursue them. Therefore, you are presented with the option of either creating statues and deities for sale or incorporating your artwork into a wide range of products, such as T-shirts, purses, and flasks.

8. Dropshipping

Business ideas in Kolkata

One of the most effective low-risk and low-investment enterprises on the internet is a dropshipping business. The products are delivered directly to the consumer by the supplier, which eliminates the necessity for inventory management or distribution. This is an important model.

While the establishment of a drop shipping business may necessitate a significant amount of time, it can be a highly profitable endeavor when executed efficiently.

9. Online Tutor

The pandemic has been the primary factor contributing to the increase in online teaching in recent years. Individuals who possess specialized knowledge in a particular focus and are interested in coaching online are eligible for this opportunity. One of the advantages of being an online educator is the competitive compensation and the flexibility of working hours.

10. Event Planner

There will always be a need for an event planner, whether it be for the coordination of a meeting, corporate events, or matrimony. If you possess a natural aptitude for scheduling and are adept at organizing tasks, you may consider becoming an event planner.

11. Personalized Gift Shop

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

As personalized gifts are consistently in demand, there is potential for a shop that specializes in customized products to establish a segment in Kolkata’s market. Capitalize on Kolkata’s inclination for considerate gifting by investing in a modest retail establishment that provides personalized items, including flasks, t-shirts, and keychains.

12. Local Travel Agency

The regal heritage of Kolkata is evident in every corner. Furthermore, Kolkata, the City of Joy, is home to a plethora of historic colonial landmarks and culinary establishments situated along the banks of the Hooghly. 

Consequently, the establishment of a local travel agency in Kolkata is one of the most prospective small business ideas in the city, provided that one has a thorough understanding of the city’s history and its geographical zone of significance.

13. Start a Grocery Store

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

A grocery store is an appropriate choice for individuals who have a limited budget and are interested in establishing a retail business. The selection of an appropriate retail location will unquestionably have a substantial impact on the profitability of the venture.

14. Home-Based Bakery

A home-based bakery is one of the most profitable enterprises to consider among this list of business ideas in Kolkata with low investment. The demand for handcrafted cakes, cupcakes, and pastries continues to rise, and they can be manufactured as a full-time business. With a modest investment, it is possible to accrue orders for significant events and generate substantial profits if you are intrigued by this route.

15. Rental Car Services

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

The rise of technology and the increase in financial resources have resulted in the increasing significance of rental vehicle services in urban areas. You have the option to offer your services to individuals who require assistance in navigating the metropolis, both internally and externally.

As a result, this profitable enterprise can provide you with a prospering career by conducting thorough research, understanding the market, and implementing effective business strategies.

16. Nail Salon

In Kolkata, the establishment of a manicure salon has become one of the most popular small business ideas in recent years due to its minimal investment. Nail art, gel acrylics, pedicures, manicures, and nail extensions are among the services that may be provided. Consequently, if you have a natural talent for this field, you can unquestionably generate substantial revenues by utilizing your creativity and familiarity with the most recent manicure trends.

17. Photography Studio

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

Establishing a photography studio in Kolkata is an exceptional small business idea if you are passionate about capturing breathtaking images. Yet, the nature of your work will be determined by the nature of the project, whether it is a wedding or another form of event. Initially, it is possible to pursue this profession by investing in a high-quality camera and lenses. The more photographs you take at events, the more inquiries you will receive from potential consumers.

18. Textile Unit

Kolkata was the epicenter of the nation’s cotton textile production. It is a significant producer of jute textiles due to the availability of jute as a fundamental material. The country has a vast potential for the establishment of a textiles unit. Establish a textile enterprise in Kolkata to leverage the opportunity.

19. Wedding Organisers

Business ideas in Kolkata
Business ideas in Kolkata

Individuals are frequently too preoccupied with their personal and professional obligations to devote the requisite attention to the intricacies of organizing their desired event in the present day. For a startup entrepreneur who is interested in establishing a wedding consulting firm, this has created an immeasurable opportunity. This is one of the unique business concepts in Kolkata.

20. Traditional Music

Kolkata is renowned for its traditional music, and the local populace derives pleasure from the study of novel instruments and music. Consequently, the establishment of a music school in Kolkata is an economically advantageous endeavor as a result of the enthusiastic involvement of the local populace in musical activities.


These are some of the best business ideas in Kolkata. It is highly advised that you assess your knowledge, skills, and areas of interest in order to find possible business prospects. You will need a thorough business plan that outlines the services you provide at a given price point, the target client demography, the business’s potential and risks, your strengths and weaknesses, and the important goals you have established for the company.


Which Kolkata business ideas are popular?

Opening a boutique selling traditional Bengali apparel, a street food stall serving local specialties, a home delivery service for real Bengali cuisine, and a cultural tour company presenting the city’s rich history are popular Kolkata business ideas.

How can I uncover original Kolkata business ideas?

Explore niche markets like eco-friendly products, personalized gifts, organic cosmetics, and customized event organizing in Kolkata for unique company ideas. Market research and gap identification can also inspire new company ideas.

Does Kolkata provide profitable business opportunities?

Yes, Kolkata offers many profitable business opportunities, such as opening a co-working space for freelancers and startups, a digital marketing agency for local businesses, a home-based fusion catering service, or a boutique hotel for tourists.

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