Top 10 Tile Companies in India



Top 10 Tile Companies in India

Tile Companies in India

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Tile Companies in India: Tiles are one of the most crucial aspects of creating a home out of your house. With a plethora of options available in the market for choosing tiles, people often get stuck on multiple options. 

India, already a hub of different art and aesthetics, provides multiple brands and options for people to choose from during their run to the market. There are significantly important cities in India that have their expertise in providing the best options for your home with a vast variety. 

Our country is the second largest place in the world to provide some of the best ceramic tiles, below is the list of the best tiles companies in India that people can opt for while transforming their homes. 

How to Choose the Best Tiles?

Several aspects come into being while trying to choose the best tile options for your home with several options available. 

Some of the aspects that should be considered by each one of us before actually putting the tiles into your houses. Some of such aspects are listed below. 

Selecting the Area

The primary task is to determine the area around which you have to choose incorporating your tiles around. Each location of a house such as bathroom, bedroom and living rooms come with different needs of tile types.

Choosing the Tile Material

There are three significant types of materials through which the tiles are made and applied in your chosen area around the house. 


  • Ceramic tiles: These are mainly used to layer walls and floors throughout different areas of houses. They have a vast variety of options available in terms of art and design. People can find a huge variety of options available in the market.


  • Vitrified tiles: These are used mainly in the areas with higher footfall since they are more durable and can withstand the areas of higher crowds.


  • Porcelain tiles: Such materials of tiles are generally used in the areas with high water use since porcelain has high resistance to water. These tiles can be used mainly in the washroom or outdoor areas that are prone to water. 

Choosing the Right Design

People should consider choosing the right design, shape and color of the tiles with details if they are trying to give a certain aesthetic to their place. Tiles give a certain outlook to your place and hence one should actually consider the aesthetical aspects before actually buying the tiles. 

Setting a Budget

People should also set a budget aside for tiles separately and then roam around the markets choosing for the selected ones. Although, one should always make up their mind on such constraints since there are a number of options available all throughout the hardware market.

Top 10 Tile Companies in India

1. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd

Tile Companies in India

Kajaria is considered one of the most selling and famous tile brands available in India and is trusted by millions of people across the country. With its headquarters in Delhi, the company produces a range of products like ceramic wall tiles and polished, glazed vitrified tiles. 

People can find a wide variety of tiles available under this brand across various segments and with some of the best design options. Kajaria is also considered the largest tile company in India according to its sales.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹4,483 crore
  • Net profit: ₹362 crores
  • Total employees: 2588

Type of products the company sells

  • Wall tiles for commercial, personal spaces
  • Wall tile manufacturer 
  • Bedroom, Washroom, Outdoor tile manufacturer 
  • Ceramic roofing tiles
  • Stair tile manufacturer 

Apart from manufacturing of tiles, the brand also has its presence in bathroom solutions that are present in the market under the brand name Kerovit which is a subsidiary of the brand under Kajaria Bathware.

2. Somany Ceramics Ltd

Tile Companies in India

Specializing in providing ceramic and similar products, Somany Ceramics is a company founded way back in 1969. The company now is a global brand in terms of providing the best tiles from India in the international market. 

The firm keeps up with the latest designs and styles while making sure to keep up with the market at a very fast pace. The brand offers a variety of tiles within various price ranges and that too according to the style and design you are aiming for. 

The brand Somany is a proven leader in the ceramic market throughout the world with its active presence in countries like India, Africa, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹2,506 crore
  • Net profit: ₹60.1 crores
  • Total employees: 2267

Type of products the company sells

  • Terrace, Outdoor tile manufacturer 
  • Bathroom tiles manufacturer 
  • Kitchen, living room, bedroom tile manufacturer 
  • 1200x2400mm tile manufacturer

Somany ceramics ltd comes as the second largest tile manufacturer of India. The company has its plants set in Gujarat and Haryana to produce 60 million square metres of tiles annually.

3. Asian Granito India Ltd

Tile Companies in India

With the company’s headquarters being in Ahmedabad, Asian Granito India Ltd is another huge company that provides some of the best tile options across ceramic, vitrified, and outdoor tiles with engineered marble and quartz stones. 

Within just 18 years into the business, the brand came up as one of the largest ceramic companies in India. 

Moreover, Asian Granito also has a presence across 58 different countries globally and is one of the fastest-growing companies present in the country.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹1,587 crore
  • Net profit: ₹-86.2 crores
  • Total employees: 2334

Type of products the company sells

  • Floor tiles 
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Vitrified tiles 
  • Polished vitrified tiles 
  • Composite marble and quartz

The company is also under the list of the 50 most profitable ceramic tile manufacturers across the world. 

4. Grindwell Norton Ltd

Tile Companies in India

Grindwell Norton is a very huge tile company that has also been listed in the Bombay and National Stock Exchange. It is considered as the third-best tile company in the country and set its stone back in 1941. 

In 1990, the company was acquired by Saint-Gobain in the US and hence became a shareholder in GNO. According to the market share, Grindwell Norton provides some of the best tile solutions to users in the Indian market.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹2,572 crore
  • Net profit: ₹366 crores
  • Total employees: 1956

Type of products the company sells

  • Ceramic materials business
  • Performance plastic 

5. HSIL Ltd

Tile Companies in India

Commonly known as Hindware Homes Ltd, the company set itself in India back in 1960 as a sanitaryware company. The company is added to the list of best tile manufacturers in India and produces about 3.5 million square meters of hardware annually. 

The company has also set its hands on home furniture, soft furnishing, home decor along with producing different designs of tiles with different materials.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹1,223.2 crore
  • Total employees: 4198 

Type of products the company sells

  • Tile manufacturers 
  • General hardware manufacturer 
  • Wall Fashion 
  • Modular kitchens 
  • Modular wardrobes 

HSIL is included in the top 500 companies listed in ‘The Fortune India 500’ and consists of different business segments within the firm such as BPD, CPD, and PPD. 

6. Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Tile Companies in India

Cera Sanitaryware was started as a brand that provides complete solutions to designers and architects. The headquarters of the company is located in Ahmedabad and has its hands on different hardware. 

Cera sells different types of tiles majorly under the names of Refinito, Ruvido, Elegante, Eterno, Fiore, and Lucido. The company has shaken hands with about 4000 retailers throughout the country for selling their products. 

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹1,835 crore
  • Net profit: ₹228 crores
  • Total employees: 2587

Type of products the company sells

  • Floor and wall tiles 
  • Sanitaryware 
  • Faucets
  • Wellness
  • Kitchen sinks 
  • Mirrors

7. Nitco Limited

Tile Companies in India

Coming as one of the best tile brands available in the market, Nitco is one of the oldest in the market as well. The headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai and the brand has maintained its presence in 22 different cities across the country. 

A network of about 1100 dealers made by the brand until now and even exports them to countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. 

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹385 crore
  • Net profit: ₹-146 crores
  • Total employees: 1300

Type of products the company sells

  • Signature collection
  • Naturale collection 
  • Magnum opus collection 
  • Frame collection 
  • Decor collection 
  • Vitrified elevation tiles

8. H&R Johnson

Tile Companies in India

Working for about 60 years in the tile manufacturing industry, H&R Johnson is a company with its hands on a variety of goods. The company is supported by an impeccable team of researchers in their R&D facility. 

The company has created some of the best and most innovative products such as germ-free tiles, commercial floor tile makers, anti-skid tiles, and water-repellent bathroom flooring. 

People can find a variety of products such as tiles, and bathroom products with engineered marble and quartz. H&R Johnson has made sure to deliver perfect solutions for people according to their needs. 

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹1-100 crore
  • Net profit:-2.39%
  • Total employees: 3553

Type of products the company sells

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Wooden tiles
  • Fabric tiles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Geometric tiles

9. Orient Bell

Tile Companies in India

Orient Bell comes as a well-known company among people with their vast range of tiles available. They are one of the best makers and exporters of tiles that are installed in places with high traffic such as apartment buildings and public areas like parks and airports. 

The company has been established for over 50 years now and focuses majorly on client satisfaction. People can visit their website for a detailed description of each of their products that are available for sale.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹160.96 crore
  • Net profit: ₹-146 crores
  • Total employees: 1300

Type of products the company sells

  • Balcony tiles
  • Tiles for swimming pool 
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Tiles with Lappato finish 
  • Tiles with glossy and matte finish

10. Varmora Tiles

Tile Companies in India

Founded back in 1994, the brand of Varmora tiles is famous for its ceramic porcelain tiles. People have a chance to opt for glossy or matte finish tiles according to their design preferences. 

The brand also ensures to provide people with the best tiles across the globe and wishes to rise as the industry leader.

Company Highlights:

  • Annual Sales: ₹833.17 crore
  • Net profit: ₹67.6 crores
  • Total employees: 1200

Type of products the company sells

  • 800x800mm tiles
  • 600x600mm tiles
  • 600x1200mm tiles
  • 400x400mm tiles


India produces some of the best ceramic tiles with multiple companies located in the country that have their expertise in exporting globally too. Such Indian brands have raised their names among the international client base. 

With the options available, people can sort out the details of tiles they feel like opting for in their houses. Further one can select the best brands mentioned above according to one’s needs and budget.


Q1. Which is the best tile company in India?

According to the details, Kajaria is considered as the best brand that provides people with a variety of ceramic tiles. Though, one can consider all the options mentioned in the above list.

Q2. Is manufacturing of tiles a good option in India?

Based upon the company, manufacturing of tiles can come as a good option since the operating margin comes between 8-13%

Q3. What are the best kinds of tiles to buy?

The kind of tiles that you should consider buying completely depends upon your purpose. Although, a variety of tiles are available in the market that can be bought. Some of such options for tiles available for use in the market are listed below:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glossy and matte tiles
  • Water resistant tiles
  • Porcelain tiles

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